Thermoplastic elastomers


Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) combine on the one hand the positive properties of the plastics for the processor and on the other hand the elastomers for product developers and designers. In contrast to the chemical cross-linking of elastomers, however, TPE is a physical cross-linking that is also reversible due to renewed heat input. Upon cooling, crosslinking sites are formed which connect the elastic blocks to fixed spatial networks. This results in elastic properties that are comparable to elastomers and, as with thermoplastics, enable repeatable deformation processes. Therefore, they are also flowable and deformable. Since the processing process is similar in principle to that of thermoplastics, there are also advantages such as short cycle times, low energy consumption and complete recyclability. However, the TPE material is usually also more expensive than an elastomer and permanently does not offer the material properties of a chemically crosslinked elastomer.


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Thermoplastic elastomers

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Elastomere, Thermoplaste, Thermoplastische Elastomere (TPE)


Thermoplastic elastomers