As a direct manufacturer of molded rubber parts, we deliver tailor-made molded parts according to customer requirements and specifications. Injection molding vulcanizes polymeric materials such as EPDM, NBR, SBR, AEM, NR and others on request. In our wide range of machinery we manufacture a variety of molded rubber parts. In addition to classic injection molding, we also encapsulate thermoplastic inserts and assemble our moldings with self-adhesive adhesive tapes.

Typical application: 
Rubber seal, rubber buffer, rubber stopper, bellows, rubber grommet, O-rings

Further services around our rubber molded parts:
Consulting and development, rapid prototyping, high-quality surfaces, tool maintenance, assembly to assemblies

Molded rubber parts in many shapes and formats


Rubber molded parts that reliably seal, damp and insulate. Depending on the application and the desired properties, we design individual molded rubber parts and the required injection molding tools. We use our know-how in mold making and injection molding in the interests of our customers.

Rubber seal with tape


Our rubber seals are developed by experienced specialists and manufactured in the highest quality. Since the founding of the company, we have been servicing series sizes for wellknown car manufacturers and find a tailor-made solution for every complex geometry and installation situation. Often we also assemble rubber seals with double-sided adhesive tapes, so that the products can be attached directly to the painted body. This requires special knowhow and the individual components must be precisely coordinated with each other. Using primer, plasma or flame, we treat our seals before and apply the adhesive tape fully automatically in larger series. Finally, we put peel-off tabs on the tapes so that our customers can simply peel off the liner and then directly start the gluing process.

Rubber damper composite moldings


Thanks to the best possible rubber-elastic and damping properties, EPDM or natural rubber (NR) rubber dampers have been used for decades under the most difficult conditions. In the automotive sector, our rubber dampers catch the front and tailgate during each closing process and ensure a comfortable and smooth closing. In the field of commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery, we produce large-volume vibration dampers and thus catch vibrations and other noises. In the construction industry, our products are used, for example, as end stops and for the protection of facades and sliding doors.



For the production of bellows special know-how is required in the construction of the accordion-like geometry. Bellows are often used in doors or in the tailgate area of cars to protect cables or mechanically telescoping parts. Bellows are also used in the area of air ducting and fastened as composite molded parts with plastic or metal rings in the engine compartment.

Rubber-metal moldings


As a subcontractor, we produce technically sophisticated rubber-metal joints for vibration damping and insulation. The rubber-metal moldings also improve ride comfort and driving stability. Frequently used and tested in practice material combinations are EPDM + metal or NR + metal in different elastomer formulations.


Rubber Injection Molding, Overmolding, Plastic Injection Molding, 2K Molding

Rubber Injection Molding


Plastic Injection Molding

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