The first parts of our production were EPDM gaskets for the automotive industry and these are still being mass-produced today. Over the years, we have developed valuable competences and today produce complex EPDM sealing systems for the automotive, construction and other industries. EPDM gaskets have very good resistance to ozone, aging and weathering. They prevent water and dust ingress and reduce wind noise. This has made them the sought-after material for decades when it comes to the best possible comfort in the car or at home. They offer reliable protection against cold, moisture and dust, as well as a high degree of locking comfort of doors and windows.

Thanks to their durability, a seal made of EPDM scores particularly well when hot water and steam resistance is required. Due to its excellent compression set values, EPDM seals return to their original position. And even at high temperatures – over and over again. EPDM gaskets are usually the safe first choice due to their good properties outdoors and under dynamic conditions. Without seals made of EPDM, no car would drive today!

EPDM sealing mirror triangle


In sealing packages for coupes and convertibles, there are often EPDM seals in the area of the mirror triangle. The exterior mirror is mounted on the seal, in the interior usually sits a plastic panel or a speaker. We already manufacture the complex left / right seals across several generations of automobiles. A unique feature is the surface quality in the field of vision, because here we do without a paint job and instead use our Surco surface. Thus, the cars get a matte and high-quality EPDM surface, which has been used for years for various automakers. The dynamically loaded seals are developed and produced by us in accordance with production requirements.

EPDM gasket water box


In the area of the water box under the front flap, our EPDM gaskets have been used for years. Our left / right moldings are designed and mounted as a glove over rubber profiles. The outstanding compression set of our EPDM seals ensures that the sealing lips re-position and seal reliably after each compression. Even under the most severe conditions in the engine compartment and over the years. Visually, the EPDM molded parts make a very high-quality impression and thus offer decisive advantages in comparison to the foamed moldings often used for cost reasons.

EPDM gasket corners


We produce sealing corners in large numbers for the construction industry. Our corner moldings are used for high quality windows and doors. With our EPDM blends we meet the required standards of this industry. We specialize in the efficient production of gasket corners with clever tool concepts. From simple on / off tools to complex multi-cavity molds with gate valves and cold runners, we meet all the requirements of our customers in an optimal priceperformance ratio

Molded rubber parts in many shapes and formats


Rubber molded parts that reliably seal, damp and insulate. Depending on the application and the desired properties, we design individual molded rubber parts and the required injection molding tools. We use our know-how in mold making and injection molding in the interests of our customers.


Rubber Injection Molding, Overmolding, Plastic Injection Molding, 2K Molding

Rubber Injection Molding


Plastic Injection Molding

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