Diversification – 2019

For the future, new materials and, above all, combinations of materials that can be produced efficiently and inexpensively in 1K / Multi-Compontent injection molding, will become more important. In order to best meet the technical progress and the different requirements of customers from different industries, the company TPE Sealing GmbH was founded with a focus on TPE / multi-component injection molding. A long-term specialization of the two companies on the different technologies should lead to better solutions for specific customer requirements. New machines for 1K and Multi-Compontent injection molding have been added and expand the range.


Growth spurt – 2013 to today2019

The takeover of further series production makes the expansion of the existing production halls unavoidable: they grow by 1,000 m². Due to the gained capacities and the acquired know-how in the automotive industry, it was high time to take the next step and apply the competence field to other industries.

For a long time, SPT Production GmbH has established itself as a specialist for complete solutions for complex moldings. In addition to pure EPDM molded parts in the form of gaskets, dampers and grommets, we now also process other elastomers, TPEs, and produce 2component and multi-component parts with an increasing degree of automation.

Enlargement – 2006 to 2012

The need for larger design and manufacturing capacity again requires a change of location.

The company moves into the new company premises in the Business Park WegbergWildenrath. There is now enough room here to divide into the divisions SPT Production GmbH (focus: injection molding) and SPT Sealing Projects & Tooling GmbH (focus: mold and punching). The acquisition of further series production for international automotive suppliers is another sign of confidence in the automotive industry. Specially tailored to a German car manufacturer of premium vehicles, logistics will be restructured in 2012 for direct deliveries to the production line.

Year of construction – 2002 to 2005

Mönchengladbach, shortly after the turn of the millennium: a long-time experienced team for automotive sealing systems founds the project management office SPT. But soon enough, the spatial capacities are no longer sufficient. The activities will be relocated to Viersen, the staff will be increased and first own tools will be put into operation. The deciding factor for this is not least the takeover of a series production of EPDM molded parts for a major European automotive supplier as an extended workbench.  


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