In addition to the production of our molded parts on the injection molding machines, there are various ways of further processing – according to customer requirements and our recommendation.

We offer the assembly of individual components to an assembly. For example, we assemble rubber molded parts with plastic clips, flock tapes or double-sided adhesive tapes so that the assemblies can be installed safely and quickly in the customer application. When extruded profiles are involved in the molding of molded parts, special profiles are often necessary on the profiles. We gladly take care of these cuts for you and offer you product-specific punching equipment for this purpose.

We are happy to carry out the following work around the spraying process for you:

  • Punching and sawing of profiles to size Special cuts on profiles or molded parts
  • Kyrogenic deburring of molded parts
  • Post-processing or deburring by gas burner
  • Applying primer and other primers to molded parts
  • assembly work, e.g. Attach plastic clips to gaskets
  • Apply adhesive tapes or flock tapes to gaskets